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About me
Hello my name is Colleen Dyer.

It is my absolute pleasure to meet you!  It is also my absolute pleasure to be your Reflexologist and Massage Cupping Therapist and holistic healing therapist and allow you to feel great!


My mission is to share the health benefits of Reflexology, Massage Cupping and holistic healing therapies through discussion, teaching, patient care and practice, with everyone I encounter, in hopes that they will benefit from it and share their experiences with everyone they encounter. I also have a passion for natural living and learning and applying new health practices in my day to day life.
More about me
I graduated from Centennial College with a Certificate in Reflexology in 2014 and I am now a qualified and registered Reflexologist, RRPr.  I also obtained my Contemporary and Advanced Cupping Methods Certificate from the International 
Cupping Therapy Association (ICTA) in 2016 and I am currently enrolled at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine where I am enhancing my educational journey!

After experiencing health issues for a few years I decided to visit an Acupuncturist, who also practiced Reflexology, Massage Cupping, Gua Sha and many other Easter Medicine therapies. She applied these amazing holistic healing therapies on me, and they worked!!  Needless to say I was thrilled and grateful and I was sold on their benefits. I became such a believer that I decided to start my holistic healing studies by taking a Reflexology course to learn how to continue to help myself and also so that I could help others!

Massage Cupping Therapy and Gua Sha wowed me in other ways. I'd seen how quickly my Acupuncturist, while using Massage Cupping Therapy healed my daughter's injured shoulder, that she'd obtained from a basketball injury. I was hooked and purchased my own set up massage cups right after that and a few years later decided to study Massage Cupping and incorporate it into my practice! 

Even more about me!
I have worked in the business world for over 20 years  and making this transition into the holistic health world was a huge and exciting step for me!! This venture is something that I believe in, so strongly that I just had to pursue it. I went into it full speed ahead, and there was no stopping me. My hope is to treat, teach and reach out to others with Reflexology and Massage Cupping Therapy and other healing modalities and positively change lives!
To fulfill this desire I continue to train and immerse myself in Eastern Medicine and broaden my knowledge.


 ​​Colleen Dyer
Registered Reflexologist, RRPr